“Heart Hangout”

This is the idea: a “curated hangout” where one can risk vulnerability in a safe space, get to know new people, and also learn a little about authentic connection, inside and out.

Increasingly, “hanging out” seems almost synonymous with DOING SOMETHING. You could be “watching a movie”, or “getting a beer”, or “eating out”… all of these have a quality of action, animation, accomplishing something in some way.

But what if hanging out meant the permission to BE, as we are, with others, with ourselves, with no “call to action”, rather, a call to connect, accept, belong…

Think back to your most formative moments with friends; was it about what you were doing, or about the quality of connection you felt with your friend?

The world around us often asks us to show up only partially, or wearing a mask, or pretending to be someone else entirely. We are crowded by judgements and expections, from others and ourselves.

In our world, vulnerability can be a really risky business!

On the other hand, we also know that when we wear masks, we lose true connection with others and ourselves.

So: WHAT IF you could just show up as yourself, just as you are, with your awesomeness and your learning edges, with your dreams and fears… and that was not just enough, but deeply WELCOME!

A Heart Hangout is an opportunity to show up as ourselves, with authenticity and vulnerability, in a safe space.

In a Heart Hangout, you:

  • Get to know yourself and others, with cues and questions to – explore aspects of being and interbeing
  • Focus on the essence of what matters to you
  • Learn to listen to and welcome your own truth and others!

Would you be interested in joining such a gathering?

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