Our Team

Manasi Saxena: Founder, Learning Facilitator

A learning facilitator and storyteller at heart, Manasi loves to work with small and large groups, as well as with individuals in focused one-on-one spaces. She sees the role of the facilitator as one rooted in empathy and kindness, as a conduit that supports each person’s, and group’s, natural journey, while nurturing their innate capacity to grow, learn, and heal.

As a Certification Candidate with CNVC, and an active member of the NVC community in India, Manasi has been part of hosting and offering events across India. Through enCOMPASSion, she has offered workshops for organisations with a social developmental focus (UNHCR Delhi, Saajha, Kat-katha) and schools (Fr. Agnel School Greater Noida).

Manasi developed her skills in facilitation and storytelling through a self-led journey. Her M.Phil. in Ancient History concerns storytelling, relationships, and text as a source of understanding history — and therefore people. She has also worked as a freelance editor and writer (Outlook India, Word-by-Word) and as as a teacher (Heritage School, Gurgaon; Sacred Heart School Jamshedpur).

Now, Manasi brings these different elements together for a core purpose: to deeply explore the complex inner world of imagination, feelings, and needs; and to bring all of this learning into transformative, dynamic learning spaces – through workshops or one on one coaching journeys. She is most passionate about NVC as a tool for empowerment in the social change and developmental sectors.

She lives in Noida with her husband and four cats.

Sonomi Takatsuka

With an MA in Communication (New Mexico State University, US), Sonomi has been teaching the Japanese language both in Japan and abroad more than a decade. Being as a language professional, she found that communication is not only language itself but something beyond words. She came across NVC, which gives her a hint what she was looking for, and has enjoyed deepening the knowledge of it since then.

Sonomi’s NVC Journey:

About 4 years ago I came to India as a wife of Indian husband and became a part of big family. Totally different culture, different society, different people; I was overwhelmed and did not feel like I was taking initiative for my own life. It was then that I came across Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC taught me how to connect myself and how to take responsibility for my own feeling and needs. After learning NVC, I stopped blaming the situation, environment, and others. NVC really helped me how to build up my life as my own.

“I am passionate about that area where two different cultures exist and conflict occurs. For those who have difficulties to adjust in or harmonized with. “Culture” doesn’t have to be between two countries, but could also be different backgrounds, genders, ages, occupations, etc. between individuals and in the business sector. I believe that when both perspectives are heard  and can connect with each other, we can be an incredibly strong team.

“My vision of the future is: Regardless of country, religion, culture, gender, social status, everyone on the earth can lives for their essence with smile and be able to connect beyond borders.”