Who We Are

Our Vision

From Sustenance to Sustainability

Our Mission

Collaborating with communities for sustainability, and emergency physical nourishment and relief support; directly addressing challenges around long term sustainability through collaborative community building, and sustenance, with a focus on emergency relief support

enCOMPASSion is a social organisation, committed to strengthening communities and individuals to build sustainable futures through collaborative processes, particularly Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Since enCOMPASSion was founded in November 2016, we have worked with organisations like UNHCR, Katkatha, Manzil, Saajha, and others.

When ground realities posit challenges around physical sustenance and safety, enCOMPASSion also offer emergency relief support and conflict transformation for sensitive communities. We have recently collaborated with the Deputy CM Office for Relief in Northeast Delhi towards community rebuilding and emergency relief for basic sustenance needs.

However, as the Covid-19 lockdown was announced, we focused on providing emergency relief to migrant workers and daily wagers primarily in Gautam Buddha Nagar, collaborating with Goonj and Fidus Law Chambers.

Core Philosophy

We aim to support and facilitate the creation and transformation of a paradigm of communication that elevates compassion, sustainability, and overall resilience, because we believe that:

  • Creating living, breathing, and thriving pathways can create a flow between sustenance and sustainability, inner growth and outer freedom, and inner connection and interconnectedness
  • Compassion, collaboration, and transformation are natural, innate capacities within people, which offer a roadmap to a sustainable future for human beings and our planet.
  • There is an inner wisdom and powerful transformative potential within each person and community. This power is also contained in the “the space between” people (interpersonally) and across communities.

Core Values

  • Accountability: To ourselves, to others, and to the world we live in
  • Facilitation: Creating ways for inner wisdom and capacities to emerge and grow
  • Co-empowerment: Empowering myself within the whole and the whole within myself
  • Balance: Of learning and growth, sustenance and sustainability, inner and inter-connection
  • Nonviolence: As embodied in the principles of compassion and empathy
  • Collaboration: Working together to create long-term solutions that sustain