Inner Compass Training Programme

enCOMPASSion offers “Inner Compass”: a 12 week training programme based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), offered for recovering addicts, caregivers, and counselors, in Rehabilitation Centers.

97% Rehab Cases Lead to Relapse.

Most addicts struggle with alienation, disownment, societal pressures, and environmental stressors. Rehab offers a change from the stressors in the environment. After rehab, people return to the environment that led to the addiction in the first place. Without clear support structures and inner resources in place, this is highly likely to lead to a relapse.

This is the old story.

Writing a New Story

To separate from the older patterns of behaviour, to write a new story, we need a new language. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers a new language, a “language of life”, which focuses on awareness, resilience, and the power to choose healthier strategies.

Studies suggest that trainings in NVC can lead to marked behavioral improvement and have a “highly beneficial social impact”. NVC provides a doable model that leads to patients being able to express their feelings and needs with active strategies and self-response-ability instead of falling into old traps and going into crisis mode.

Inner Compass Training Programme

Our programme focuses on resilience — a growth of inner resources that can lead to new responses to old stressors — and responsibility — taking ownership of one’s actions without losing dignity — in recovery from addiction.

Programme Details

In our 12 week course, which is designed to support and bolster 3 month rehab programmes, we focus on:

  • Empathic Listening: Creating a community for holding people in recovery
  • Inner Compassion: Building inner resources for sustaining commitments and self-care
  • Response-Ability: Tools and resources for coming back to, and enjoying, life

Each weekly session is 3 hours long, with takeaway practices and tools. This design helps with sustained learning over the 3 months of rehabilitation.


We also offer:

  • Workshops (2 full days) for family members
  • Specially designed skill-building trainings for caregivers that address their needs

My Inner Compass is an inner capacity for self-guidance that I always have, but sometimes forget. With self-compassion, honesty, and empathy, I can realign my Inner Compass, and find my way back home.

When my Inner Compass points to my True North, I have:

  • Deeper self-connection and internal clarity about values and choices
  • Emotional safety during recovery through Listening Circles
  • Lasting and resilient relationships more likely to sustain sobriety
  • Skills to speak with compassion and set healthy boundaries
  • Greater inner resources and capacity for self-expression
  • Self-regulation and creativity in finding solutions for difficult situations and stressors
  • Awareness and empathy of the feelings and needs of others
  • Self-respect, as well as respect for others
  • Response-ability: Actively taking responsibility and making repairs without losing dignity