COGS: Co-empowering Organisations for Growth and Sustainability

In a culture of competition and control, most organisations experience a breakdown of workplace relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts, and lowered productivity. A depletion of employee morale also leads to less effective meetings and an attrition of human potential within the organisation.

Nonviolent Communication, or NVC, offers collaborative communication solutions for organisations. NVC can lead to streamlined communication that gets things done while holding human-to-human connection at the core. The human potential in any organisation is a powerful reserve; nurturing communication leads to employee welfare, an improvement of morale, deeper and more meaningful relationships, and more resilient teams and productivity.

enCOMPASSion offers COGS: Co-empowerment for Organisational Growth and Sustainability

This modular training programme based on Nonviolent Communcation, that allows organisations to invest in stages — from establishing ground zero through three stages of learning and integration.

Co-creating Your Programme

We believe in catering specifically to what your organisation needs, and spend time and energy with you to design and structure modules in a way that best serve your company’s vision and needs. We also offer a focus on leadership through the lens of conscious connection and “leading with” creates a safe, thriving environment enhancing personal power, strengthen teamwork, and maximize team and individual potential.

Return on Investment

This programme focuses on:

Effective Communication Skills

  • productive meetings
  • an atmosphere of appreciation and connectedness, and
  • relationships that enable teams to meet goals

Structures of Empathy

  • creating a space for everyone to be fully heard and understood
  • empowers employees within your organisation
  • reduce conflict and generate more connection-energy


  • deeper and more meaningful relationships within teams
  • reduction of office stre
  • creative flow

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