Project Asha

Community Building & Sustainability

In an ever changing world, every transition – ecological or economical –  threatens to become a disaster that puts economically and socially vulnerable communities at the greatest risk. As we have seen in recent times and historically, the unorganised labour force in India receives the short end of every stick. This is 97% of the overall labour force in the country, literally the backs upon which the entire economic structure of this nation rests.

The vast majority of interventions to support these communities replicate patterns of charity and one-sided giving, without sharing ownership of resources, strategies, and outcomes with the recipients of the same. This in turn perpetuates a system where privilege determines quality of life. If communities are to survive the coming changes, they need to be resilient in and of themselves, with access to something even more basic than livelihood, health, and welfare: choice, freedom, and dignity. 

Project Asha, with enCOMPASSion, aims to empower resilient, forward-moving communities that can assess their own needs, devise their own solutions, and take responsibility for their future generations. 

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