enCOMPASSion’s core goals are to contribute towards a peaceful world where everybody’s needs matter. Our goal is to work with sensitive communities where conflict has occurred, or is occuring, in order to build bridges across communities. After the violence that broke out in Northeast Delhi in February 2020, we had started to send teams into the field to speak with people impacted by the riots. Our aim was to first create a safe environment through empathic listening for collective as well as personal trauma. Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, our community building work has stalled. Yet, we intend to continue to work with other organisations and the Delhi Government in order to rebuild communities and build bridges across divides.

For collective trauma, trust building, longer term community dialogue and peace building, we see that having empathic listening practices would be helpful. The core modality we use is Nonviolent Communication, or NVC, with a focus on ground realities – livelihood and rebuilding, in parallel with collective healing. We see meaning in training and empowering local empathic leaders for longer term sustainability.

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