Workshops & Open Learning Courses

We conduct Immersive Learning and Unlearning Workshop Experiences to delve into the facets of non-violent communication and human connection and connectedness.

What is NVC?

Nonviolent Communication, or NVC, is process based on the determinations of Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D, which empowers us to act with choice, freedom, and responsibility for our own needs, and with care and compassion for others’ needs. NVC offers basic tools with enormous deepening potential — to deepen our connection with ourselves and other, and to connect us with a consciousness of universal human needs.

We host two types of sessions:

  1. Exploring Interconnections – To grow our awareness, deepen inner connection, and grow our listening ears. 
  1. Moving Towards Connection – Immersive experiences based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and other modalities focused on human connection and connectedness.

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