The “Big EARs” Training Programme

enCOMPASSion’s Big EARs programme for schools and learning institutions, offers a systematic approach to bringing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practices into the everyday.

NVC provides a doable model that can effectively replace traditional forms of discipline, without losing a focus on learning, growth and wellbeing. The use of NVC in classrooms leads to children being able to express their feelings and needs with active strategies and self-response-ability instead of throwing tantrums and going into crisis mode. Emotional safety and intelligence are linked to academic achievement, compassion and respect for self and others, and resilient learning. In the long run, practices of empathy help children to grow into self-responsible and emotionally rounded young adults.

Through this programme, educators and students grow their EARs:

  • Empathy (understanding and respect for the feelings and needs of others),
  • Awareness (of ourselves, and our own feelings and needs), and
  • Response-ability (making active choices to meet everyone’s needs)

This programme aim to offer schools:

  • A foundation of safety and trust
  • First responders for emotional needs
  • Activated safe spaces within the learning community to address issues
  • Across the board self-awareness and an institutionalised culture of empathy
  • Overall growth of emotional intelligence

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