Why enCOMPASSion?

Human beings thrive on connection and empathy. We crave meaning, seek to make an impact in our chosen fields, and to create, discover, learn, and play, together!

But, in our fast-paced reality, we face a crisis of connection and meaning. Our social reality is full of quick reactions and disconnections. Communication blocks in our professional and personal lives can cripple us, in terms of productivity and effectiveness, and in mind, body, and spirit.

Why choose enCOMPASSion?

Each year, organisations, schools, and individuals seeking personal growth, spend lakhs of rupeees looking for solutions to this crisis of connection. Common approaches to communication lead us to a performance of assertiveness, skill, and competence. We ourselves become a “product” we’re trying to “sell”, a mimickery of “success” — that traps us in a box that denies us our compassion, our natural creativity, our joy and freedom.

On the contrary, at enCOMPASSion we believe that:

  • Nothing brings you closer to your goals than being your authentic self.
  • Nothing is more durable, resilient, and effective, than an environment where people are safe to express their natural creativity, joy, and freedom.
  • Investing is empathy and compassion in the workplace is the mark of a sustainable organisation
  • And, far from being “soft” skills, words, intentions, and relationships as is the blood and bones of our relationships!

Without connection, very little is possible… and what is possible is not sustainable.

What we offer

At enCOMPASSion, we offer specially curated, modular, and flexibile training programmes and workshops for organisations, schools, and individuals to:

  • Learn to connect effectively,
  • Transform conflict into connection-energy,
  • Generate skills for empathy and listening, and
  • Find joy and freedom in collaboration and communication

We offer training programmes for organisations, schools, and individuals in rehab-and-recovery, in addition to workshops on personal growth.