Living Bridges

An Online Learning Community

enCOMPASSion’s LIVING BRIDGES Online Learning Community is an ongoing participatory community that engages with and learns about collaborative social change with a focus on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Action.

The recent Covid-19 lockdown and resultant crisis in India was unprecedented. What was also unprecedented was how individuals, organisations, and communities responded and showed up for their fellow human beings. This tells us something very precious: that our common humanity, our capacity to care, and our deepest resources of empathy, kindness, and creativity, are far more resilient than any structural system. 

To learn and grow from this towards living in a world where everybody’s needs matter, we offer the Online Learning Community.

Joining this community gives you access to:

  • Online workshops and trainings {on Zoom) oriented towards collaborative social action by experts in the field of NVC and social change 
  • enCOMPASSion’s reports and learnings from the field, through workshop spaces where we can engage and co-learn through feedback and reflection 
  • Learning resources focused on social change, NVC, and collaborative action, and discussions on the same
  • A community of like minded, committed people who would like to be this change and live their values
  • Space to offer what you bring, to share your skills, dreams, and resources, to receive feedback and learn and grow together

We are currently working towards finalizing the forum and the signup procedure. Please reach out to or call +91-8222955212 for any questions, and to show your interest.